Premium Hosting

Premium Hosting from 301 Branding is where you want to be if you need help managing your business web presence and want to do so with more assurance of the performance of the server.

All Premium accounts are setup on “semi-shared” servers.  To explain this, use the example of a large, heavily marketed web hosting company.  For their $4.95/ month account you will be on a shared server with hundreds if not thousands of other websites.  Although the server may be well managed, there is still a possibility of a rogue MySQL query, large file transfers, and generally poor programming affecting the performance of your website.  Not fair is it?  The alternative is that you purchase your own dedicated server for assurance that your website will have completely consistent performance.  This is a great option for larger companies that have heavily trafficked websites.  For the general business this option will be too expensive.


We offer a semi-shared account.  So signing up for our Premium plan means that you will be sharing a server with 5 to 30 other websites on a server with dedicated resources.  We at 301 Branding know each of those accounts and can manage the performance of each. The possibility of your website being affected negatively by another website drops dramatically because of this model.  It’s the perfect balance of website reliability and expense.

Premium accounts include additional features that are more geared towards business operations:

Silver Account

  • 2GB of Disk Space
  • 20GB of Bandwidth
  • Order this plan and start working with a specialized account rep today.

Gold Account

  • 4GB of Disk Space
  • 40GB of Bandwidth
  • In addition to the additional disk space, this plan offers a free Dedicated IP Address.

Platinum Account

  • 10GB of Disk Space
  • 100GB of Bandwidth
  • This includes a free Dedicated IP Address and a private SSL Certificate.